Does Cellulite Cream Really Work?

For a lot of women, cellulite is going to be a serious problem. Never mind that doctors think that having cellulite is petty common, as about 90% women over 30 years old get. It doesn’t matter that cellulite won’t actually do you any harm, medically speaking. It still is a problem—just take a look! It’s a problem for which, supposedly cellulite cream is the solution.

What’s So Good about Cream?

What’s So Good about Cream?To be fair, there are a lot of good things you can say about using cream for cellulite. For example, even the creams that cost $60 are cheaper than going to the doctor and then paying for a liposuction procedure.

It can cost you $3,400 for liposuction for your hips, another $3,000 for your thighs, and then $2,000 to siphon the fat from the buttocks. You’ll need a non-surgical fee of $1,600 and the total can run up to $9,200. When you consider that there’s always the possibility that the cellulite can return (especially when you don’t watch your diet), the cost may be an expensive gamble.

Cream is also very easy to use. You just apply it and you’re done, although a deep and thorough massage for the area may be required. You may also need to apply it once or twice a day. In comparison, a liposuction procedure can get complicated. You’ll need a lot of preparation before the surgery and after wards you’ll need a lot of time to recover.

The cream bands for cellulite are also very easy to buy as well. You can just go online and pick the brand you want. You have a lot of options, and many of them offer some nourishing ingredients that can leave your skin thoroughly moisturized.

Drawbacks to Using Cream for Cellulite

It’s it all a bed of roses when you use cellulite cream, however. The sheer number of options can really be confusing. You may have to spend a lot of money and a lot of time trying each particular brand out. And very few of these products, if any, offer a money back guarantee.

What’s more, most of them don’t really work. According to Dr. Neel of the Massachusetts Hospital, creams are “a waste of money”. Dr. Griffiths of the British Skin Foundation says that even if the buyer thinks it works that’s only because of the placebo effect and the psychological boost that at least they’re taking a cellulite cure.

It will also take time to work (if it actually does), and in fact to maximize the possibility of success it’s also recommended that you combine the use of the cellulite cream with regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. That can get you thinking that maybe you actually need just the healthy lifestyle and you don’t need the cellulite cream at all.

If you’re unlucky, you just waste your money on something that doesn’t work. If you’re really unlucky, you can get a brand that will irritate your skin so you have another skin condition to worry about. You can get a rash or hives, especially if the ingredients are synthetic.

Even if it does work, the effect is generally a temporary result. So what that means is you’ll need to use that cream for the rest of your life.

Are There Any Options to Cellulite Cream?

If you’re not too keen on surgery to solve your cellulite problems, there are still some other options on how to remove skin infections naturally.

However, home remedies may not be the ideal solution. The use of various “miracle” herbs means you have lots of options to choose from, and again you’re going to use up a lot of time.

Are There Any Options to Cellulite Cream?You can also try out various exercises, especially those designed for weight loss that burns of excess body fat. But which ones should you try? You have to be very careful, because the exercises for weight loss are not necessarily the right exercises for cellulite. After all, even slim women can have this problem.

You may also have to think about taking up the right diet as well. Again, when you Google the subject of “diet” you’re going to be bombarded with millions of options, so choosing one among the multitude is going to take you a lot of time.

So what are your real options? Your best bet is to take the word of numerous consumers who have written reviews about anti-cellulite programs that have worked for them. This program has to be comprehensive, affordable, and easy to do. It also has to come with a money back guarantee because even the most successful programs and medications don’t work for everyone.

Among the most recommended anti-cellulite programs nowadays is Cellulite Factor Solution, so let’s take a closer look at it.

What You Get with the Cellulite Factor Solution

On the face of it, you get an anti-cellulite program which you can easily just download online. You get 8 main videos that demonstrate each exercise you need to do properly so that you can tackle the underlying cause of cellulite in every part of your body. You also get a bonus of 13 additional exercise videos that help you through each step of the program, plus “workout finisher” videos as well.

Your diet is also part of the solution, and here you get a cookbook with more than a hundred recipes to help you out. That means you at least get a lot of variety so you don’t tire of the diet eventually. You even get a 30-day meal plan so you won’t have to devise a meal plan yourself.

In addition, you’re also given a grocery list so you know what to buy in the supermarket. There are also guides here on the kind of supplements and nutrients you need for yourself. There’s also a guidebook on the toxins and foods you need to avoid, to keep you from making your cellulite problem worse.


While the cellulite cream method may seem simple and cheap, it may not really work and you waste your money in the bargain. A program like Cellulite Factor Solution, on the other hand, is affordable yet also very effective. If it’s not for you, at least you can use the money back guarantee to try out another program such as the Cellulite Gone treatment which also has a lot of proponents.