What are the Best Cellulite Exercises?

Even though the problem with cellulite is that it doesn’t make the skin look good, the fact of the matter is that the real cause of the problem is that you have large deposits of fat under your skin. In fact, that fat under the skin is what cellulite really is. The pockmarked skin is caused when the globules of fat are squeezed. To get rid of the cellulite, you may need to minimize the amount of fat you have under your skin, and that means you need to perform cellulite exercises.

But what kinds of exercise should you perform? That depends on the expert you read about. Some recommend interval training to help you lose fat, while others specify gym exercises that target the muscles in the lower body.

So what kind of exercises should you do? If you’re a beginner to regular exercises, you may want to start with the simpler yet effective routines.


Step-upsEven if you don’t go to the gym regularly, set-ups are easy to do at home. In fact, you can ask your doctor about them and they’ll tell you that it may be best for you if you don’t take the elevator to your office floor every time, so that you can get a workout everyday even at work.

At home, performing a step-up is simple. Just find a bench or a fitness step. Step up on it and then step down from it. That’s it, although you may want to do 2o reps of this exercise for each leg. In other words, you step up on the bench with your right leg 20 times, and then you do the same for the left leg.


This form of exercise can really work all the muscles in your lower body. While you stand with your hands on your hips, just take a big step forward, while you lower your body. Both your knees should form a 90-degree angle, while you maintain your front knee over your ankle. Then return to your starting position, and do the entire thing for 30 to 50 reps for each leg.


To perform a proper squat, you first need to extend your hips back and down, as if you’re going to sit on a chair. But your back should be straight and your heels should carry your weight. Lower your thighs so that they’re parallel to the floor, but your knees shouldn’t go past your toes. To maintain your balance, you may have to stretch your arms forward. Do about 50 reps of this exercise.

For some variation, you can keep your feet flat to the floor when you squat, but after you stand you should lift your heels and shift your weight to the ball of your feet before you return to your starting position.

Pilate Pelvic Curl

This is one exercise you can do while lying down on an exercise mat. It boosts your core strength while it also tones the thighs and buttocks (which are areas where cellulite tend to show up).

Start by lying down with your knees up and your legs flat on the floor. Rest your arms by the side of your body. Now while you squeeze your inner thighs and your glutes, slowly raise your pelvis and lower back up and maintain that position for a count before you get back down. Now do some reps of these.

Pilate Pelvic CurlTo increase the challenge and get more benefits, you can do this exercise with a small exercise ball between your thighs. Every time you raise your pelvis up, you have to squeeze the ball really hard between your thighs. Then you slowly get back to your original position and repeat.

You can also make it more challenging by raising one leg high in the air while you use the other leg to raise your lower back and pelvis up from the floor. You can use your arms to help you maintain your balance. The muscles in your core, buttocks, thighs, and hips can get a lot of focus, but you need to make sure you do use a different leg for the other set of reps.

Alternative Methods

While all these exercises can help reduce the fat under the skin and also boost the muscles in the lower body, they may not actually address the real cause of the cellulite.

The pockmarked appearance of the skin due to cellulite is caused by a hardening of the tissue walls that hold the compartments of body fat under the skein together. This squeezes the fat inside the globule, which then causes the uneven skin texture.

Thus, a more effective measure should also help maintain the health of these tissue walls, which is what you find in cellulite treatments like Cellulite Gone. This treatment was designed by Joey Atlas, who holds 2 degrees in exercise physiology.

This is a comprehensive treatment that covers exercises that reduce fat and also improve the health of the tissue walls. It even includes a cellulite diet because burning off and keeping off fat requires not just exercise but proper nutrition and calorie intake.

As a bonus, the treatment even improves the blood circulation and immune system, which can go a long way in reducing the chances of skin bacterial infection (cellulitis). Cellulitis also attacks the fat underneath the skin, so you can prevent cellulitis just by reducing the amount of fat you have under the skin.

With Cellulite Gone, you get body movement instructions that are clearly written. To make sure you know what you have to do you also a video demonstrating what movements you need to make, the speed in which you need to perform the exercises, the right form, and the specific sequence of exercises. You even get bonus videos on exercises for your tummy and for your arms.

You also get schedules on when you should perform your routines, including a schedule for the cardio exercises for cellulite.

So with the right cellulite exercises and diet, you can look better, feel better, and save money because you won’t need to get expensive treatments and surgeries for cellulite and cellulitis.